Shinty Mini Laser Level [Laser]


The laser is a Tam Healing System and Tong Ren Distance Healing tool and It is especially potent for charging the Dan Tian areas.

The laser is not a hot industrial-class laser, it is a simple cold laser used for focus and to compliment and even multi-task with the tapping technique. We aim the laser at specific points on the Tong Ren Acupuncture Model to allow the mind to focus on gathering energy into these areas.

*Actual laser may vary*

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Lasers are an integral part of the Tam Healing System.In general, the laser is used for tonification while the hammer is used to remove physical and energetic blockages but can be used for both purposes as well as simply pointing to an touchpoint to remove pain.

Think of it in this way for our healing 2-part process strategy:

  1. Open a blockage and release energy and nourishment to deprived areas
  2. Supply the previously deprived and stagnant area with energy

The laser is excellent for focusing on the 2nd part of the process. We call it energy charging or charging the batteries. The batteries are also called the dantian or elixer fields of the body which also equate to chakras in Ayurvedic Medicinecifi

Lastly, Lasers are good to focusing and highlighting on specific as-hi points or ouch points.

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