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Deep healing takes deep understanding of the Truth. There is a lot of misinformation out there which contradicts common sense and is more based on financial agendas instead of the ultimate agenda we should all follow, a sincere desire to reduce suffering for ourselves and everyone around us.

This path to wellness is to give every individual the power in their own hands to take charge of their lives and have simple tools to achieve optimal health. I have made it my commitment to write this book as a roadmap for that path.

I support the vision of the Anusara Path to Wellness programs with online workshops, self-study courses and interactive opportunities to fully educate my fellow seekers and to focus on a community-based approach for healing and empowerment through education, common sense, scientific research, experiential knowledge and above all, the Truth.

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The vision of Anusara Wellness is to give a common sense approach to practical health maintenance and recovery. We have built an international virtual wellness center with all aspects of healing and educational opportunities to be available to everyone. This book outlines the details of all our programs and educational materials to help people understand the Truth about the medical industrial complex which is focuses on wealthcare for the rich and deathcare for the poor. 

I am Joseph Lucier AOBTA, the founder of the Anusara Path to Wellness International Wellness Center and Institute, as well as 8-time author, educator, researcher and herbalist who has taken his 25 years of personal and clinical experience and put together this set of programs to help people take charge of their lives, even during a pandemic.


The book outlines the path and different opportunities covering these main areas

  1. 10 Problems confronting our world today
  2. 10 Solutions and recommendations to overcome health challenges and have important tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle and live a fulfilled life, 

Why Buy This Book

  1. If you suffer from inflammation
  2. If you Suffer from Pain
  3. If you suffer from Cancer
  4. If You suffer from infection
  5. If you Suffer from toxicity

People can take charge with these simple initiatives: More than just a book, this is a map to wellness, a true path. I humbly realize it is one of many paths but, when the Truth is at the core, when common sense is at the core, when compassion is at the core, success is attainable. To enhance this book, all materials in the book are personally supported by live workshops, online self-paced study courses, eBooks as well as affordable products when needed.

Here is a brief outline of the contents of the book, and the outline of the entire Path to Wellness healing opportunities and experience.

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