Immune Boost and Colon Cleanse Program

  Register Here   OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH! This is a 7 Day group supported program that offers a comprehensive, advanced and DIY immune boost, oxygen boost, colon cleanse and detox. It is designed to optimize your immune function, eliminate constipation if that is an issue, cleanse the colon, flood the body with oxygen, prepare for the […]

Be Your Own Healer – Tong Ren Distance Healing Workshop – Level 1

  Register Here   Why take this workshop? Get a protocol for your specific conditions for yourself, friends or family Learn a protocol for viruses and specifically the corona virus Learn how to treat different conditions for yourself, friends or family including pain, muscle tension, cancer, inflammation, Parkinson’s and many more Learn to return the […]

The Natural Detox: 14 Day Clay Detoxification Program

  Register Here   DEEP ORGAN Detoxification: Clay Detoxification Program – This is a 14 Day supported program that offers a comprehensive, advanced and personally supported DIY cleansing and detox program. It is designed to detox, oxygenate, mineralize our bodies and supply us with an abundance of electrolytes and above all, do a deep tissue detox. […]

Advanced Be Your Own Healer Workshop – Tong Ren Masterclass – Tong Ren Level 2

  Register Here   Why Join this workshop? Take Your Tong Ren Distance Healing to the Next Level Collaborate with fellow practitioner Learn the the 2 simple approaches and targets for all diseases Learn advanced bioelectricity support with craniosacral targeting (CSF) Learn Chinese Medicine (TCM) Power Points to tap Learn the 5 systems approach for […]