Insights for Better Living: Healing Through Tong Ren & Quantum Wellness


Discover the transformative potential of quantum science and its applications in Tong Ren, healing and self-care at this workshop. Participants will delve into the evolution of modern science, the profound influence of sunlight and biophotons, and practical techniques for enhancing health through conscious intent and natural rhythms.


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English:  August 24, 2024 –  Saturday 1-5pm ET

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Why Join this Workshop?


This transformative workshop delves into the powerful intersection of Tong Ren healing and quantum wellness, offering participants a profound journey into holistic health practices. Explore the evolution of modern science, the vital role of sunlight and biophotons, and practical techniques for integrating these principles into everyday life.


Benefits for Your Health and Life:

By attending this workshop, participants will:

Enhance Awareness and Understanding: Gain insights into the historical evolution of quantum science and its applications in Tong Ren healing, a technique that utilizes collective consciousness and energy flow for holistic healing.

Empower Your Healing Journey: Learn practical Tong Ren techniques rooted in quantum biology, alongside other healing modalities such as massage, Reiki, and craniosacral therapy, to promote physical and emotional well-being.

Optimize Your Body’s Natural Rhythms: Discover how to synchronize with circadian rhythms and harness sunlight’s benefits to regulate the endocrine system, enhancing overall vitality and mood regulation.

Develop Practical Skills: Acquire hands-on skills such as selecting high-quality water, implementing simple breathing techniques for stress reduction, and integrating heat and light therapies for enhanced self-care and health maintenance.

Foster Consciousness and Intent: Explore how conscious intention and the mind’s influence on quantum fields can amplify healing potential and promote a deeper sense of well-being.


The curriculum emphasizes practical applications rooted in scientific understanding:


Part #1 – The History:

Participants will gain insights into the historical trajectory of quantum science, tracing its development and pivotal discoveries that have shaped our current understanding of the universe and human biology.


Part #2 – Light – Finding Your Rhythm:

A comprehensive exploration awaits on the nature of light and how daily morning sun exposure can change your life. You can activate the hypothalamus with perfect frequencies in the perfect ratios to reset your entire hormone system naturally. Attendees will uncover especially how light influences our physiological processes and contribute to overall well-being. 


Part #3 – Life Force Energy – Healing:

The workshop delves into the application of quantum principles in various healing modalities, including massage, Reiki, Tong Ren distance healing, and craniosacral therapy. Participants will learn how biophotons influence our daily lives, influence our food, and especially promote healing. We will also discuss affordable and easy-to-use healing light therapies and devices that support optimal health and longevity. Attendees will experience Tongren healing, distance healing that demonstrates the quantum science of biophotons, the power of intention, and entanglement.


Part #4 – Water – Practical Applications:

First, we learn about the special water in our bodies, 4th phase water or EZ water. We are comprised of 70% water that becomes a battery charged by the sun. Then, we learn how to charge the battery with light from the sun and electrons from the earth. We also learn practical recommendations about drinking water and home devices.


Part #5 – The Breath – Just Breathe:

Oxygen is our primordial element for survival. How we breathe can change our entire physiology and impact our health in many ways. Learn a simple breathing technique to regulate the oxygen and nervous systems, promoting holistic balance.


Throughout the workshop, the role of consciousness and intent in influencing our quantum world and healing potential will also be explored, providing a holistic framework for understanding and integrating these concepts into daily life.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with practical tools and a profound understanding of quantum science’s applications in health and healing. This will enable them to enhance their own well-being and that of others through informed, conscious practices.


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August 24, 2024

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