Bioelectricity – The Forgotten Paradigm [Book]


As soon as electricity was discovered and harnessed, scientists and researchers began to see the parallels between electricity in nature and the bioelectricity in our bodies. The potential in its use for healing was researched at first but soon overtaken by the allopathic chemical model of medicine. Bioelectricity is the human wiring and communications system which, when targeted for healing, can greatly impact treatments for conditions including cancer, Parkinsons, ALS, diabetes and more.


This full color new version, with nearly 200 pages of color illustrations is an introduction to bioelectricity and serves as a fundamental discussion and explanation of the meaning of bioelectricity in our bodies.

The book spans the basic science, as well as early history and development of bioelectronics and bioelectricity, up to the present day, focusing on bioelectricity healing strategies such as the Tam Healing System. Using this information we can target blockages of bioelectrical impulses which can cause disease.


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