Science of Common Sense Nutrition: Disease Prevention [Book]


Over 101 scientifically supported facts are given which clearly show the benefits of plant based nutrition and the detrimental effects of animal based foods. From Harvard to the American Cancer Institute, this data gives myth-busting and relevant material for making better food choices.

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The food industry hides the Truth from us. Plant-based nutrition is our natural way of eating and living. For food choices, always do your homework, question everything, search on the internet and be educated. If you decide to eat animal products, be aware you are causing suffering and eating poisons.

Don’t be a victim of the agricultural industrial complex that only wants your money and will do anything to get it, including the slaughter of innocent animals and reckless cause of disease throughout the population. Instead, feel healthfulness and joy by embracing compassion with every meal and choosing plants instead of harming lovable creatures that have as much right to live as we do. Enjoy optimum health by living in harmony with Nature and partaking in the glory and gratitude with what Nature has generously supplied.

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