The Dairy Contrarian: Cow’s Milk is for Baby Cows [Book]


Consuming dairy products causes inflammation and unintended mucous. These conditions are unhealthy. Dairy products are foreign substances which the body must manage in order that it is not negatively impacted/ Over 101 scientifically supported facts are given which clearly show the problematic issues of eating dairy products. From Harvard to the USDA, to American Cancer Institute, this data gives myth-busting and relevant material for making better food choices.

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Common sense and human nature tell us that we should not drink milk from pregnant wild animals. Common sense also tells us that a human mother should feed their child with human mother’s milk instead of store-bought formula milk powders. Importantly, eventually children should wean off of milk at a very young age. People should not drink milk of any kind throughout their entire lives. The Dairy Industry marketing propagandists push for lifetime consumption of pregnant animal milk. They want profits, not health for our children, family and friends.

All of these products cause suffering and poor health. The cows are artificially inseminated then killed at a young age when unable to produce artificially and hormonally induced milk. Humans, when drinking wild animal milk get disease because our bodies are not so accustomed to foreign milk and proteins and also because we take in the animal medications, pesticides, animal hormones and antibiotics into our bodies along with the government accepted 5% pus allowance.

This makes no sense at all unless you see the dairy and baby milk substitute formula industry as businesses and they sell a product even if it hurts those animals and humans.

The “Got Milk” people say dairy milk is good for the bones when science has shown that the people with the highest consumption of dairy products have the highest rates of osteoporosis. As you will see in the book, science has proven that dairy products can cause cancer, asthma, MS, heart disease, allergies and more.

This compilation of information guides to follow compassion and face the Truth. It is Volume 2 of my series of informational guidelines about the reality of the impacts of animal-based products.

Take charge of your life! Do your own research! Question everything! Following compassion and common sense is following the Truth and the science will bring you optimum health. Nature supports us, science confirms Nature, and both science and compassion are universal.

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