Avocado Joy [Book]


From the Aztecs to the Superbowl, avocados are here to stay. Avocados are nutritious, fun, easy to work with and above all, delicious. This book offers over 100 recipes as well as in-depth history and data on this amazing food. Find joy in all that we do, even when we sit down and break bread together and enjoy a meal with this amazing food.

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Remember your first taste of avocado? If you’re like most of us, it was probably love at first bite. Chalk it up to the fact that they’re so creamy, delicious and extremely versatile, that the avocado has become so popular.

Just flip to the recipe section for over 101 fabulous healthful recipes ranging from Carrot-Walnut Avocado Burgers to our Mango Tango Avocado Smoothie to Kiwi Lime Avocado Ice Cream to Sweet Potato Avocado Corn “Chowda”.

Those are some of the highlights along with some delicious history, nutrition facts and many uses of the perfect traditional savory avocado and guacamole we all know as well as our delectable fruit guacamole dessert recipes!

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