The Nature of Cancer – Cancer is a Survival Tool for Healing [Book]


The Nature of Cancer – Cancer is a Survival Tool for Healing [Full-color Book] – 500 pages with almost 1,000 citations of research in order to give the common sense approach to cancer as a tool of nature for survival and tumors are a temporary organ to help us defend against hypoxia and a toxicity and deficiency challenge.

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Understand the truth about cancer! Cancer is not a lack of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Full blown cancer is not caused by a pathogen, cancer is a natural response to a healing crisis and internal toxicities and deficiencies which can be caused by bioelectrical blockages, toxicity in the environment, poor diet, prolonged stress, and systemic inflammation to name the primary causes. Dr. Haltiwanger M.D, C.C.N., in his landmark paper, The Electrical Properties of Cancer, clearly identified the nature of the bioelectrical system of a cancer cell showing that cancer cells, for 1, have lower voltage than regular cells. But, it is not that the cell is damaged, it is simply a different type of cell with normally lowered voltage. Trying to fix the voltage of a cancer cell to eradicate cancer is like removing one’s mouth in order to combat obesity.

Cancer can clearly be identified as having 2 phases, early phase, phase 1, wherein the body starts to degrade and get polluted and acidic, and phase 2, after long time pollution, stress, acidity, toxicity and deficiency, the body proactively creates cancer cells, and eventual creates temporary tumors from messages from hypoxia (oxygen starvation) triggered oncogenes to get through a healing crisis. Most importantly, cancer is a result of a lack of oxygen, as confirmed by the Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Otto Warburg. and when that process is reversed, the cancer is reversed and cancer suppressor genes do their job.

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