Tui Na Medical Massage Therapy Workshop – Day 1 and 2


March 7, 2020  –  9am to 5pm
March 8, 2020 – 9am to 5pm

Location: Healing Tree Yoga and Wellness
605 Hancock Street, 2nd Floor Quincy 02170


This workshop teaches the application and theory behind successfully treating conditions ranging from neuropathy to cancer, through an approach called The Tam Healing System. The primary goal of this medical massage and energy-healing system is to remove blockages which interfere with the proper functioning of the body.
The location of blockages indicate which area(s) need to be treated. The course starts by focusing on fundamentals, taking a look at the causes of many diseases, an overview of anatomy and the points used for treatment. The course is designed to provide students with hands-on practice, and details how to develop a medical massage treatment plan. These plans can be used to help clients with existing health issues, or clients interested in strengthening their own wellness plans. 

The medical massage therapy techniques you will learn are extremely effective for major disease. We will be focusing on the Central Nervous System {CNS}, to remove blockages with our hands. Treat yourself, friends or family. Take charge of your medical well-being!


  • Source of Healing and Tong Ren Training 2 course bundle $260 discounted to $160 – $100 Discount for On-line anatomy training – Anatomy and Point Location, and Long Distance Healing Tong Ren Training
  • Treatments almost 50% Discount for 1 month from the time taking the class – Usually $90 for Medical Massage and $75 Tong ren, but discounted to $50 for massage therapy and $40 for Distance Healing
  • Repeating or returning students – 50% discount


Tui Na Medical Massage Therapy Workshop (In-Person):
March 7, 2020  –  9am to 5pm
March 8, 2020 – 9am to 5pm

Location: Healing Tree Yoga and Wellness
605 Hancock Street, 2nd Floor Quincy 02170

Day 1 – Fundamentals – Learn massage therapy techniques which are extremely effective for major disease. Focusing on the Central Nervous System {CNS}, we can remove blockages (which cause disease) with our hands.

Lecture: Fundamentals – Two Hour Slide Presentation

— Central Nervous System
— Basics of Bioelectricity and Health
— Calcium Balancing and PH Balance

Qigong Practice – 15 minutes

Hands-on Work – All Students give and Receive Treatments:

Day 2 – Advanced – More Tam Healing with in depth applications and practice

— Massage Form – Face Up – Hands-on Work in Teams
— Massage Form –  Face Down – Hands-on Work in Teams

— Opening a blockage
— Treating Inflammation
— Treating Osteoporosis
— Treating Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat Conditions
— Treating Shoulder and neck pain
— Treating Carpal Tunnel

Advanced Topic: The Nature of Cancer – From his book of the same title, explaining the true definition of cancer as a natural response to the internal environment as a survival tool for healing.

Advanced Topic: Structural issues special strategies especially good for scoliosis, Parkinson’s, injuries

Treatment Strategies Q & A
Case Studies Discussion

— Discuss food choices and nutrition since poor food choices cause disease, inflammation and toxicity.
— Nutrition Impact on Health and Inflammation – Top 10 Nutrition Points
— Learn about foundational healing through cleansing, detoxing and clay strategies
— Optional – Bust the myth as to the cause of cancer
— NCCAOM PDAs Included

Tong Ren Academy is dedicated to being of service and offering Medical Massage, Nutrition, Cleansing and Tong Ren Training to the world. The best way to get the world involved is through the internet. Tong Ren Academy has already taught people all over the United States, as well as Greece and Singapore.


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