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This kit is to supply a person with all the tools to immediately perform Tong Ren Distance Healing and have a convenient set of tools available to quickly grasp the concepts and methodology. With this material, we learn the easy-to-follow steps to be a successful practitioner. Additionally, the reading material gives a comprehensive background of the science behind the Tam Healing System, a system now popular all over the world because of it effectiveness and practical common sense approach to healing.

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Tong Ren Hammer: This is the hammer used within Tam Healing Tong Ren Therapy. The hammer was originally developed to provide a focus on the Tam Healing points developed originally from the HuaTuo JiaJi points, particularly along the spine. We use the hammer on the Tong Ren to allow the mind to access the innate energy from the collective unconscious, and direct energy towards healing physical and energetic blockages.

Tong Ren Acupuncture Doll: This is a convenient full body acupuncture model used with Tong Ren Distance Healing Therapy and used by thousands of people all over the world. This model primarily has the Tam Healing system points along the neck and spine, on the brain, as well as our proprietary points such as the TianDong point, the Vertebral artery point. It also includes a few commonly used powerful acupuncture points such as st36, lv3 and kd1.

Tong Ren Laser: The laser is a Tam Healing System and Tong Ren Distance Healing tool and It is especially potent for charging the Dan Tian areas. The laser is not a hot industrial-class laser, it is a simple cold laser used for focus and to compliment and even multi-task with the tapping technique. We aim the laser at specific points on the Tong Ren Acupuncture Model to allow the mind to focus on gathering energy into these areas. In general, the laser is used for tonification while the hammer is used to remove physical and energetic blockages but can be used for both purposes as well as simply pointing to an touchpoint to remove pain. *Actual laser may vary*

Anatomy & Point Location [Full-color Book]: The Tam Healing System is an internationally practiced healing methodology. The core knowledge and science is critical for the understanding and application of the healing system. This book is written by Joseph Lucier who has been an active practitioner and educator in this healing system throughout the world. He has dedicated his life to teach about the underlying science of this system, as well as teach and share this helpful healing system

Large Cross Reference – Lazy Bum’s Healing [Full-color Book]: The point location and reference guide outlines the primary and secondary points used in the treating of a wide range of conditions commonly treated with Tong Ren. The guide includes over 350 condition in which Tong Ren Healing can address

Pocket Guide Reference – Lazy Bum’s Healing:  The convenient smaller version point location and reference guide outline the primary and secondary points used in the treating of a wide range of conditions commonly treated with Tong Ren. The guide includes over 350 conditions in which Tong Ren Healing can address.

10 Laminated Anatomy Flash Cards 5×8 [Full-color]: For students and practitioners, these cards show c=visually, the basic points and target areas step by step for different conditions. Most importantly, it allows students to follow the 3-step process for successfully performing the Tong Ren healing protocols.


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