Free Webinar: Oxygen as Medicine

April 18, 2023 at 7:30pm Eastern Time

Join us for a 60 minute free webinar with Breathing Coach, 8-time author and International Educator, Joseph Lucier AOBTA-CP

Do you think you can improve your breathing? Do you think your breathing effects your health? Did you know that breathing through the nose gives 20% more oxygen than mouth breathing?

Joseph will talk about breathing techniques to improve conditions like asthma or sleep apnea and above all, improve overall relaxation and well-being. 

What You Will Learn!

  • The popular breathing strategies around the world and how you can benefit from them.
  • The importance of nasal breathing compared to mouth breathing
  • A simple breathing relaxation response exercise we will do together that you can use for calming yourself down or reducing panic attacks. 
  • Medical conditions positively impacted by improved breathing such as asthma or apnea

He will also introduce his self-study online course which gives different breathing techniques and a 28-day challenge to guide you through a simple process to learn about breathing.

You’re not gonna wanna miss it!

Identical Twins Same Age – Left is Nasal Breathing and the Right is Mouth Breathing



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Interested in Learning More about Oxygen Cellular Medicine?

Just Breathe – Be Happier and Improve Health One Breath at a Time

Online Course – 4-Week Program

Learn breathing techniques to improve health and prevent disease!

Just Breathe – Oxygen Cellular Medicine – Online Course – 4-Week Program

Based on our natural physiology, we are oxygen machines. The key is to optimize the uptake of this vital resource. this is what we cover in this course.

Oxygen Cellular Medicine Online Course Details

  • Improve our physical oxygen management and uptake through the breath
  • Improve the circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body
  • Be empowered with the knowledge of how proper oxygenation prevents disease
  • Manage and Improve conditions like asthma and COPD
  • Sleep better
  • Have more energy
  • Alkalize the Body
  • Relax more easily
  • Avoid Panic Attacks
  • Prevent Disease

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Learn breathing techniques to improve health and prevent disease!