Tong Ren, Nutrition & Light Therapy

Joseph Lucier is a powerful healer.

I started working with Joe because I had severe digestive issues caused by taking a strong course of antibiotics, as well as yeast overgrowth.  I had stomach pain and nausea and couldn’t eat properly.  I lost a lot of weight and was having occasional vertigo and severe fatigue.  I also had a racing heart often.

Since working with Joe and doing breathing exercises, my heart no longer races, and my heart rate has dropped.  My health has improved drastically, and I have much, much more energy now.  With his guidance, I am now expanding the foods I am able to eat.

The Tong Ren sessions he gives are extremely thorough.  And Joe’s knowledge extends far beyond Tong Ren.  He has schooled me on nutrition and energy and on LED/Near Infrared lights.  He gave me a list of supplements to consider taking, including one to raise my PH.  He also has a deep understanding of breath and breathing exercises.  He also talks about healing having a momentum, starting slowly and building.

I cannot recommend him more highly.

Anne O. Connecticut


Tong Ren Training​

Farah and I really enjoyed your course this past Saturday. I especially valued your response to my question about how this distance healing works. Your big, gracious and loving heart came through in your response. I think if you began with that, for me, you would have set the context for the technical teaching. I’m not a stranger to the understanding or experience of distance healing, but hearing your explanation was very helpful and touching, and as I said, made the rest of it more meaningful.

Paul G, Massachusetts

Immune Boost and Colon Cleanse

The schedule for the day is very helpful as a reminder on the fridge. I refer to it often as I finish off the supplements.

When we did the cleanse I made the smoothie a lot for breakfast. Easy to make!

The cleanse was great and the zoom calls were important for questions. You do a great job!

Dianne G, Massachusetts

Tong Ren Training

Robin looked 10 years younger when he got done!

Dianne G, Massachusetts

Natural Detox with Clay Program

I wanted to let you know that my skin is absolutely glowing, my eyes are brighter, and I feel like I have more positive energy. I am very confident that this is helping me heal.

Jacqueline F, New Hampshire

Immune Boost and Colon Cleanse

This cleanse was the kickoff to my healthy lifestyle journey. I lost 6 pounds during the cleanse, my skin started clearing up, and I had more energy. I’m so glad I decided to try it and will definitely do it again in the future.

Tara B. Massachusetts

Natural Detox with Clay Program

This cleanse came at the perfect time for me… seems to always be the perfect time. :joy: So much to cleanse!!I’m truly grateful and am continuing on for a while, just to get in better shape.

CF Bermuda

Cleansing and Detoxing

I love these programs they teach us valuable knowledge on how to be healthier. There are so many gimmicks out there. This actually works.


Dave says it well

Tong Ren Training

I just wanted to thank you sooooo much for your AMAZING TEACHINGS, KINDNESS AND KNOWLEDGE ????????✨I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT and I can’t wait to watch the replay! …… Thanks again for EVERYTHING…I appreciate it very much and I am sooo grateful I met you! Take care!

Maureen O. Massachusetts

Tong Ren Training

I just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant workshop last weekend. It came up just at the [right] time for me. It was just what I needed thank you.

Del J, UK

Tong Ren Treatments

That is the deepest healing session I’ve ever experienced. I do connect well with the collective consciousness. This was like being in the midst of astral ethers under which I was floating in the midst of angelic beings. Incredible! is a mild statement. It was quite a magical carpet ride. You are quite a magnificent, powerful healer!

Carol V. Ohio

Be Your Own Healer – Tong Ren Workshop

What a wonderful world you are opening up for us. I can’t stop tapping and really look forward to joining the thursday nights as the farm season slows down.

Jennifer L. Vermont

Immune Boost and Colon Cleanse

I felt great: cleansed and more energetic. Joe is a fabulous coach, explaining everything so well. He has a wealth of knowledge. He has the ability to simplify and encourage us to go through with it. It’s so easy the way he presents it.

Joe’s cleanse was amazing and invaluable. He offers great advice, guidance and support throughout the cleanse. A wonderful and extensive online course is also included. I experienced the following results:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased mental sharpness
  • Improved sleep
  • Lost weight-flatter stomach

Sheryl S, Massachusetts

Immune Boost and Colon Cleanse

I felt great during and after the cleanse . . . more energetic. Joe is a fabulous coach; explaining everything so well. He has a wealth of knowledge that he happily shares with us. He has the ability to simplify and encourage us to go through with it. It’s so easy the way he presents it.

Ben F, New york

Thursday Live Streaming Tong Ren Sessions

Great class Thursday! I was bummed I missed it live but watched the recording this morning. I really look forward to Thursday with Tom and team in the morning and you and Sarah in the afternoon. The MS info is very helpful for my family. A family member was “diagnosed” in 2008 and that’s why and how I started TongRen in 08/09. Over the years we have learned diet is also huge. Thank you so much for all your hard work!


Be Your Own Healer – Tong Ren Workshop

Joe, as I mentioned on Zoom your presentation was graphically beautiful and wonderfully clear.

BG Georgia Tribe

Ruth Vecchio – Colon Cleanse Program

Tong Ren Treatments

My husband Steve and I are in our sixties. Steve had high blood pressure, 199 / 115. One doctor told him , “you know you are going to die if you don’t get this down “. So we started trying blood pressure medications, to no avail. When his blood pressure hit 199/115 , I panicked. I had heard about Tong Ren so I looked up Tong Ren practitioners and chose Joe Lucier.

We were in Spain at the time and Joe Lucier was in Massachusetts. Steve had a 14 hour flight to take the next morning. I sent Joe an urgent message. Joe immediately contacted me and started his work. As he started tapping, I felt this energy come into my body. I was across the room from Steve, the constant bright red sunburn color of his face started to drain out of his skin. In one hour his blood pressure had dropped with no medication. Today his blood pressure is 138 /82 and still improving without medication.

Not totally understanding this healing , but knowing that it worked, he asked for a sexual tune-up. And boy did he ever get one, Nothing like blood flow and removing blocks!

I worked to try it on my nagging issues, 1. I had brain fog too often 2. my right ear felt like it was full of water, 3. my tail bone would ache from a prior injury, 4. and I was getting up 3 to 4 times per night to urinate. Joe worked on my brain, ears, [bladder], kidneys, and spine. I stopped noticing the brain fog, and I slept 7 to 8 hours without getting up. Also, I have no pain in my tail bone.

During one session, I felt and heard something scraping the inside of my right ear and then moving out. I stopped Joe and told him. My hearing is now equal in both ears.

I really enjoy the feeling of the energy moving through my body! I am thrilled with the knowledge that we can repair and regenerate our own organs and systems using the bodies own mechanisms for health.
Thank you Joe for your Skill, Compassion, and Knowledge.
Kind regards

Kathy S, Texas

Tong Ren Treatments

Thank you for asking! Yes, it has been unbelievable great results with the laser.

I had a persistent dry cough and kind of asthma like sensation every time I was exposed to slightly cold drinks or air conditioning. That cough started at the end of January this year, after I got a severe “flu” like symptoms. Maybe it was a kind of COVID but at that time no one had COVID in U.S. However, what I know for sure is that it was worrying me so much because I thought I wouldn’t be able to recover 100% again and I would be with symptoms for ever.
That’s when I decided to go into your website and try natural things.

After taking the course “be your own healer at a distance” and you introduced us to the Laser!!!! I decided to try pointing the laser to the lungs on the doll. I did it the first night for 20 minutes. Next today I had less cough. I didn’t realize it until I came home and my daughter told me you are not coughing much? I thought about the laser, but still didn’t think it could produce an effect so soon. I pointed the laser again to the chest on the doll for another 20-30 minutes and every night thereafter. After a week, I didn’t have the cough anymore!!!!!

People can tell you, but is difficult to believe until it happens to you.

I have not use the laser in my lungs anymore because I am doing great without the cough!!!

I started using the laser on my left knee where I have OA and it was bothering me, and I started seen the effects of no pain and I have been able to continue my weekend walks of 2 hours .

Well, I am eternally grateful to you Joe for sharing that knowledge of the power of healing with bio electromagnetic energy and with the laser.

Thank you, thank you, thank you !!

Leida, Texas

Anatomy And Point Location Book

The book arrived safe and sound last night.

I was up until after midnight flicking through your work. It is EXACTLY what I was hoping it would be. I am an acupuncturist, reasonably old school, and I was introduced to Tong Ren perhaps three years ago. I dutifully bought Lazy Bum and some other books, and for years I have been trying to understand why certain points were used and not others. I was a little reluctant to use points if I did not know what their rôle or function was. Your book has cleared many of these lacunæ. I am profoundly grateful.

Simon L, New York


The relaxator is an incredible tool to help with breathing and heart rate. I am a 56-year-old cancer survivor with one lung due to a misdiagnosis. Additionally, I have struggled with atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter since.

September 2022. Joe Lucier introduced me to the relaxator in August of this year. It’s calming and most important, actually lowered my heart rate and increased oxygenation according to my pulse oximeter.

It gives me a sense of peace and control over numbers which, while vital, have been out of my control for the past year. Additionally, I noticed an actual improvement in my breathing while going up steps in my house.

If you have cardio or pulmonary challenges, buy a pulse oximeter and measure the improvement with this wonderful breathing device.
My adult kids and my wife, after seeing how much it helped, asked me for one too.

Thank you so much Joe for recommending this.

Ron T., USA

PRACTITIONER NOTE: The patient commented that prior to using the relaxator, he went up stairs one step at a time, using his breath to guide him and pull him up. After the relaxator for a few weeks, he was able to walk up the stairs normally and actually forgot about the step-by-step one-step at a time process he needed for years.