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What Is a Spagyric Product?

A Swiss physician known as Paracelsus, coined the term “spagyric” in the early-16th century. It was commonly interchanged with “alchemy,” but, in recent years, has been adopted by the advanced nutraceutical …




What Are the Benefits of Spagyric Extracts?

Not everyone has the means or stomach to bite into a turmeric root every day to harness its power. This is where many consumers opt for a dehydrated, powdered, or distilled version of the herb to take as …




What Are Traditional Spagyric Remedies?

With rising awareness of western medicine’s often dangerous side effects, holistic treatments are quickly gaining popularity. Though still relatively unknown, spagyric technique is something of a amalgamation …




What’s the Difference Between Spagyric Extracts and Herbal Tinctures?

Among the few individuals who know what spagyric extracts are, there are still fewer among them who understand that spagyria differs from herbalism and homeopathy. While both have their benefits as alternatives …