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Hey, Joseph!

If there were a few things I’d want the entire world to know, I’d start them here, with three lessons:

  1. Natural Light vs. Junk Light
  2. See Sunrise
  3. See UVA


Because the truth is, LIGHT—the biggest influence on your circadian rhythm—is the absolute most powerful determinant of our health, and almost no one knows it.


Most of modern society spends its time living constantly indoors, under artificial light…

These days, we go from blue-lit bedrooms glowing from LED street lights outside (shining through windows that block the full spectrum of light, casting only blue on our sleeping bodies anyway), to LED-lit bathrooms and kitchens as we get ready for work, to blue-lit cars on our way to work (yep, car glass blocks beneficial UV light, too), to jobs where we spend hours under flickering, blue-light-dominant LEDs, and back home after dark when we turn on more overhead, artificial light. And, of course, we stare at our LED TVs and phones well past sunset.

Rinse and repeat.

We’re told the sun is harmful.

We’re told we should fear it (it causes cancer!).

But we’re never told why and in what ways. When we do go outside, it’s in the middle of summer at midday, with sunglasses on, and for far too long, when we’ve never even been outside in morning light or in early springtime, which pre-conditions our skin to be prepared for more intense UV rays.

So then we burn, shaking our fists at the sun, blaming it for everything, when—really—it’s that we’ve just not learned to be in rhythm with the sun. We’ve stopped learning to be in rhythm with nature, in general.

This circadian chaos and lack of alignment have caused—and ARE causing—massive global health crises we have only barely begun to understand.

But what if learning to use sunlight appropriately (and to block artificial light at night) is what might cure us?

What if sunlight were an even more important nutrient than what we get from food or any one-size-fits-all diet dogma?

I’m here to tell you it’s true.

And I’m here to show you both WHY and HOW.

These three lessons are where I want you to start.

They’re so powerful you could never get another email from me, spend a single dollar on any of my other courses or programs, or do anything else, and your health would be impacted for the better, forever (as long as you actually implement them consistently).

I used to actually sell everything you’re getting in this email (in fact, the three light lessons are the first three lessons in my Quantum Reset course), but now I make them first, and I make them free because, again, I want the entire world to know this information.

It was a gift when I found it, and I want it to be a gift to you.

And I want you to share it with everyone you know, whether you ever tell them who told you.

That’s how much I believe in this knowledge.

Let there be light,
— Carrie B.