The Nature of Cancer – Understand Cancer, Don’t Fear It!


The Nature of Cancer Cancer
Don’t Fear Cancer, Understand it!

Saturday 1-5pm ET

Questions to Ask!

  • What is the Cause of Cancer? Oxygen Deficiency.
  • Why does this Matter? Learn the Truth and get tools and knowledge to prevent and treat cancer.
Four Workshop Options:
  • Workshop Only [$95]: Live 4 Hour Zoom Live Workshop
  • Workshop + Books [$175]: Zoom Live Workshop + 4 Books 
  • Workshop + Course [$275]: Zoom Live Workshop + Online Cancer Course
  • Workshop + Books + Course [$350]: Zoom Live Workshop + 3 Books + Online Cancer Course




The Nature of Cancer Cancer
Don’t Fear Cancer, Understand it!

Choose: November 6, 2021
Saturday 1-5pm ET

Who doesn’t know someone with cancer? Who doesn’t want to prevent cancer?

Rates are approaching 50%. It is time to think differently about how we approach this large problem and avoid getting cancer, or treat cancer with common sense if someone has it..

We should live according to the Way of Nature, not try to beat it into submission. Then we can find peace and optimal health.

Nature nourishes us, protects us, and helps us to find balance. Nature is not the enemy but instead, it is our strongest supporter.

Cancer is a part of Nature. It is a result of environmental triggers or challenges and manifests to help us to survive during those challenges, not to kill us. When we treat cancer as an enemy, we have a fight on our hands. When we truly understand cancer, it teaches us to reflect on the causes and deal with the root of the issue. It is not a battle to see who wins, the cancer or the person, it is a battle of understanding and appropriate actions for appropriate causes. You can be liberated in the knowledge that the Truth about cancer will set you free.

People that have cancer are not cancer people, they are people that have cancer.

The True Cause of Cancer is oxygen deficiency.  Toxicity is one of the main causes of oxygen deficiency.

This is the science, proven by Nobel Prize winning scientists like Dr. Otto Warburg for about 100 years now. He showed that cancer is caused by hypoxia, oxygen deficiency in the cells, thereby causing genetic triggers to create cancer genes as a survival challenge. The good news is, there are methods to directly address this. The first one is education and awareness and the Truth about cancer. The second is offering techniques to directly address oxygen deficiency and immune ystem building. That is what this course is about, to explain these concepts.

These facts have not been contested, only avoided. The medical industrial complex chooses to focus more on symptoms instead of causes. The mainstream medical approach  requires a massive process, expensive infrastructure and highly a toxic process. All to have a success rate of around 2.4%-2.7%.

Common sense simply tells us that if we are toxic, why do we add more toxins. The bottom line is, cancer is not a lack of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. 

We are from Nature and to solve problems in Nature, to heal our bodies, we use natural, supportive and nourishing responses instead of chemicals and processes developed in laboratories. We should focus on these areas:

  1. Oxygen Support –  Oxygen Medicine – Oxygen flooding of the body gently with  an oxygen based colon cleanse. Oxygen building therapies.
  2. Toxin Removal –  Detoxification – Remove toxins by cleansing the colon, targeted hydration and effective dietary approache
  3. Metastasis-Prevention – Techniques to prevent metastasis through heat and nutrient therapy based on science
  4. Inflammation Reduction – Make lifestyle changes as well as the supportive cleanses and herbal remedies
  5. Hydration Improvement – Cellular Medicine – Advanced cellular 

This workshop addresses that topic directly:

  1. 10 Scientific Proofs as to the True Cause of Disease
  2. Cancer is not a lack of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, it is a lack of oxygen
  3. There is science which shows this Truth

For anyone that has struggled with cancer, we honor your struggle, whatever path you followed..

This workshop offers the facts and the Truth About Cancer so we can target oxygen deficiency, boost the entire body in a wholistic manner, and also use oxygen techniques to reverse the environmental triggers of cancer; oxygen deficiency.

Why Take This Workshop – What You Will Learn:

  • Cancer Prevention for those that do not have cancer
  • Cancer Treatment to help people like family members, yourself, your patients, to get through the healing crisis
  • Learn to break down the fear and build up the confidence to be healthy by taking charge of your life
  • Learn about the True Cause of Cancer
  • Understand Cellular Energy Production – Cellular Respiration – Cellular Medicine
  • Take Action with lifestyle changes everyone can make to prevent cancer
  • Learn Oxygen boosting techniques
  • Learning to select alkalizing foods to create more oxygen and reduce inflammation and the likelihood of cancer
  • Discover the myths and misinformation about cancer
  • Learn to proactively remove toxins since they displace oxygen

Questions to Think About that are Answered by this Workshop:

  • What is a cancer?
  • What is hypoxia, the cause of cancer?
  • What are the steps to prevent cancer?
  • What are the steps tp treat cancer?
  • How does toxicity reduce oxygen and increase the likelihood of cancer?
  • How do we prevent cancer?

Be empowered by the knowledge that will liberate you from the limited scope and treatment strategies of the medical industrial complex. They have their place, they do their best, but if you are treating a symptom, you will eliminate the symptom and not address the actual cause of the disease and solve the problem long term.

Option #1 $95 – Basic Training – Live Workshop

  • Workshop: Full Workshop and certification

Option #2 $175 – Basic Training with Books

  • Workshop: Full workshop and certification ($95 value)
  • 4 Books;
    • Disease Prevention Book
    • Dairy Contrarian Book
    • The Nature of Cancer – Don’t Fear Cancer, Understand Cancer Book
    • Recipe eBook

Option #3 $275 – Basic Training with Online Course

  • Workshop: Full workshop and certification ($95 value)
  • Course: Lifetime access to the True Cause of Cancer online course

Option #4 $350 – Basic Training with Supplies and Lifetime Online Cancer Course Access

  • Workshop: Full course and certification ($95 value)
  • Course: Lifetime access to the True Cause of Cancer online course
  • 4 Books:
    • Disease Prevention Book
    • Dairy Contrarian Book
    • The Nature of Cancer – Don’t Fear Cancer, Understand Cancer – Book
    • Recipe eBook


  • People join online – They make one of the 4 Choices
  • We use zoom and will send you all the information and the link for signing up
  • We see each other on the computer – if desired, or you just listen in and watch

Comprehensive Lecture and Presentation Done in Person by Zoom:


  • PART 1Cancer Science and History – The Evolution of the cancer
  • PART 2 – What is Cancer – The Features of Cancer – 10 Patterns of Cancer Cells and their Anatomy
  • PART 3 – What is the Cause of Cancer – 10 Facts to Explain the Truth About Cancer
  • PART 4 – Take Action – 10 Lifestyle Changes and Advanced Oxygenation Methods

More Detail:

PART 1 – Cancer Science and History

  • Oxygen theory and Cancer Treatment Pioneers
  • Cancer Pioneers and research

PART 2 – What is Cancer – The Features of Cancer – 10 Patterns of Cancer Cells

  • This part is focused on immune attacks on the body such as EBV
  • About 90 percent of people are infected at some time in their lives with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)
  • Conditions like Parkinsons’s, lyme, MS and ALS are oftentimes mis-diagnosed EBV infections

PART 3 – What is the Cause of Cancer – 10 Facts to Explain the Truth About Cancer

  • Cancer is an oxygen deficiency
  • Cancer is a temporary organ triggered by an oxygen deficiency for genes to create a survival mechanism to get them through the challenge
  • Approximately 39.5 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer of any site at some point during their lifetime, based on 2015–2017 data.

Part 4 – Take Action – We will cover concrete steps to have an effective Disease Prevention lifestyle

  • Nutrition and Herbal Therapy
  • Oxygen Flooding Cleansing Therapy
  • Detoxification and Earthen Clay
  • Metastasis Prevention
  • Removing Bioelectricity Blockages

Why take this lecture?

  • Understand disease – Do Not Fear Disease!
  • Take Charge of your Life with the Truth
  • Understanding disease makes it easier to attack the true cause of the condition
  • Take Action – Get a strategy which combat these two major causes of disease – Learn steps you can take today to fight the major conditions of our lives

Who should view this lecture?

  • Family and loved ones that may be sick
  • Friends who need our help and community support through the Truth
  • Nurses, doctors, practitioners and medical professionals of all kinds that treat cancer 
  • People interested in preventing cancer

Training Presenter: Joseph Lucier AOBTA

  • 8-Time Author – Tam Healing System Illustrated Anatomy and Healing Strategies, The Nature of Cancer, The Truth about Depression, Bioelectricity the Forgotten Paradigm, Disease Prevention; 101 Scientific Facts and the Dairy Contrarian
  • Director and International Education Officer in charge of the Anusara Path to Wellness Programs and Training Academy as well as Healing and Educational Skills Workshops
  • Tui Na: Licensed Medical Massage Therapist 20 years  (AOBTA) (
  • Tong Ren: Distance Healing Practitioner with worldwide clients
  • Yoga Instructor

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