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This kit is specifically designed for practitioners and people doing research or simply want verification and a deeper understanding of the science behind the work of Joseph Lucier and the Tam Healing System.

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Anatomy & Point Location [Full-color Book]: The Tam Healing System is an internationally practiced healing methodology. The core knowledge and science is critical for the understanding and application of the healing system. This book is written by Joseph Lucier who has been an active practitioner and educator in this healing system throughout the world. He has dedicated his life to teach about the underlying science of this system, as well as teach and share this helpful healing system

Bioelectricity – The Forgotten Paradigm [Full-color Book]: As soon as electricity was discovered and harnessed, scientists and researchers began to see the parallels between electricity in nature and the bioelectricity in our bodies. The potential in its use for healing was researched at first but soon overtaken by the allopathic chemical model of medicine. Bioelectricity is the human wiring and communications system which, when targeted for healing, can greatly impact treatments for conditions including cancer, Parkinsons, ALS, diabetes and more.

The Nature of Cancer – Cancer is a Survival Tool for Healing [Full-color Book]: 500 pages with almost 1,000 citations to give the common sense approach to understanding cancer as a tool of nature for survival and tumors as temporary organs to help us defend against a toxicity and deficiency challenge.

The Truth about Depression – It is an Immune System Issue [Full-color Book]: Depression is due to a lack of basic elements such as exercise, hydration, sleep, stress-reduction, abundant nutrients, dietary fiber, mineral dense foods, and probiotic foods and support. Understanding that the causes for depression are from the gut where most neurotransmitters reside, as opposed to getting medication to estimate treatment for the brain and dumbing down the patient, is critical to understand and to help with natural recovery.

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