Anusara Earthen Clay – 1 Month Program & Basic Starter Kit


Earthen Clay is one of the most powerful healing tools anyone could ever have.

Science has shown it is extremely detoxing, it pulls heavy metals and viruses out of the body, helps alkalize the body, and is very mineralizing and bone building. It is also excellent for skin rejuvenation and cleansing.

Instruction eBook included.

  1. Clay Baths (4 Baths – 4 packets) – Optimal Detoxification through the largest detox organ of the body, the skin.
  2. Foot Baths (4 Soaks – 2 Packets) – By taking half of the clay bath packet, you can use it for a foot soak once a week
  3. Clay Drink Kit (30 Servings) – By drinking clay you mineralize and alkalize the body and also enhance the detoxification process
  4. Overnight Foot Poultice (4 All night Poultices) – These are extremely powerful, as the manufacturer states, “Provides the equivalent of an 8-hour foot bath”.
  5. Free eBook – Instructions and information about the program

We give you these 4 basic clay strategies in this convenient kit. This is good maintenance for a month and if someone needs more intense detoxification, consult with Joseph Lucier AOBTA or simply double everything.

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Anusara Earthen Clay Strategies – 3 Programs

1. Basic Starter/Mantenance Kit (This one) – An introduction to using clay for one month for general detoxing and alkalizing of the body. It is also good for on-going monthly maintenance.

2. Seven Day Colon Cleanse Guided Program with Online Course – This foundational program floods the body with oxygen, cleanses the colon, removes mucoid plaque, and improves overall digestion

To learn more about this program, click here. (

3. Fourteen Day Detox Cleanse Guided Program with Online Course – This program goes deeper and is focused on deep tissue detoxing, liver cleansing, organ health and cellular toicity elimination.

To learn more about this program, click here. (

This is the Basic Starter Kit (Program #1)

All instructions are included in a detailed downloadable eBook

One Month Maintenance Program Details

  • Once a Week Clay Bath (4 clay bath packets)
  • Once a Week Foot Soak (4 foot soaks – use half packets – total 2 packets)
  • Once a Week  All Night Foot poultice
  • Daily Clay Drink
  • It is like your own home spa and healing experience

Kit Includes:

1. Informative eBook with all the details and benefits

2. 6 Clay Bath Packets

First Four For Once a Week Clay Bath:
  • 1 Full Clay Packet per bath
  • 1 Full Clay pack per week for 4 baths

Last two Clay Packets

  • Each packet is good for two foot soaks
  • Two packets are good for 4 foot soaks
  • 4 Times for once a Week Foot Soaks (1/2 pack per soak)


  • Sacred Clay, Ocean Magnesium, Himalayan Salt, Humic & Fulvic Substances, Vitallite & Ormalite.

Recommended Use: 

  • Bath: Add the entire packet to bath water and stir. Soak for 30-45 minutes or more in comfortably warm water. Safe for both septic systems and city drains, or toss spent water on your house plants & garden.
  • Foot Soak: Add one half of the entire packet to a foot tub or basin. Soak for 30-45 minutes or more in comfortably warm water. Safe for both septic systems and city drains, or toss spent water on your house plants & garden.
  • Program Total: Twice a Week Detoxification
    • 1 Clay Bath a Week (4 packets)
    • 1 Foot Soak a week (4 half packets or total 2 packets)


  • Not intended for internal use.

3. Clay Drink Kit – For Daily Drink – 30 Days

Ingredients: A kit containing Sacred Clay – 12 oz + Ancient Mineral Blend -1 lb + Vitallite 60 g + Ormalite 9g. To simplify ordering a one month supply of the Clay Water Mineral Drink we have created this special package.

  • Sacred Clay: 100% naturally occurring clay from a singular deposit near the region of Crater Lake Oregon.
  • Ancient Mineral Blend: Magnesium Rich Ancient Plant Minerals, Humic & Fulvic Earth
  • Ormalite: Ormalite Ultrafine Powder.
  • Vitallite: Vitallite Ultrafine Powder.

Recommended Use: – Add the following to a quart jar.

  • Sacred Clay – 1/2 tablespoon (for mineral nutrition and detoxification, improves assimilation of minerals) 
  • Ancient Mineral Blend – 1/2 tablespoon or less based on its laxative effects about 6-8 hours later (contains naturally occurring calcium-magnesium with trace minerals)
  • Ormalite Clay – 1/30th teaspoon (soothing, improves focus, reduces stress, improves meridian flow, opens the heart) 
  • Vitallite Clay – 1/4 teaspoon or more (for vitality and mental focus, increases physical & mental stamina) (not for just before bed) 
  • Finish filling the quart with filtered water. Consume as much of this quart as feels comfortable first thing in the morning 20-30 minutes or more before breakfast & other morning beverages. 
  • If Vitallite has not been added (it keeps some people awake), save a couple ounces for just before bed. In the event of getting up in the night, consume another ounce or so to help get back to sleep. 


  • Pharmaceuticals may be absorbed by clays or modified by herbs if taken within 1 hour before or after the medication.

4. Four All Night Foot Poultices – For Once a Week Foot Poultice

Ingredients – Contains a Sacred Clay Foot Poultice for each foot, including Sacred ClayBlack Beauty, and two gauze rolls. Provides the equivalent of an 8-hour foot bath.

  • Sacred Clay Ingredients: 100% naturally occurring smectite/illite clay blend from a singular deposit near the region of Crater Lake Oregon.
  • Black Beauty Ingredients: Ocean Magnesium, Epsom Salt (earthen source), Sacred Clay, Himalayan Salt, Humic & Fulvic Earth, Activated Charcoal, Vitallite, Ormalite

Recommended Use: 

  • Place entire contents of the plastic bag in a bowl.
  • Add enough warm/hot water to make a spreadable thick paste (approximately 1/3 cup water).
  • Spread all of the paste on the bottoms, tops, and sides of both feet approximately 1/8th inch (3mm) thick.
  • Wrap each foot in a gauze roll.
  • Spritz the gauze with water (or take a damp washcloth and apply to the gauze for a few seconds to let it absorb just enough water to dampen without affecting the clay beneath).
  • Optional: Wrap the gauze in plastic wrap or Saran Wrap to improve water retention leaving the toes free of plastic to allow for breathing of the feet.
  • A plastic bag in place of plastic wrap can also be used but may be slippery when walking).
  • Place a sock over each foot to hold all together and keep the feet warm all night.
  • Remove the gauze and wash the clay off in the bath water the next morning. Can still be used as the basis of another clay bath if desired, as additional toxin absorbency will still remain in the clay. 

Foot Poultice Precautions: The clay/salts mixture is not intended for internal use.


  • 1 Clay bath a week
  • 1 foot soak a week
  • 1 Foot Poultice a week
  • Clay Drink Daily

From the Manufacturer

All of our product ingredients are whole earthen in nature, and are sourced in this order of priority: wildcrafted, organic, or grown without chemicals. We do not add fillers, excipients, or flow agents. Our capsules are vegetarian sourced from pine bark.

From the Anusara Wellness – Vitality Herbs and Clay – Michael King

This product and all products on this site, are not intended to replace the advice of your own physician or medical requirements. This kit serves as on-going support for people seeking science-proven detoxification, nutrification  and mineralization from the art of Earthen Clays.

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