Cancer Defined: Cancer is primarily caused by hypoxia and is initially instigated by long term toxicity and inflammation,. Later phases are a natural response to the environment when there is a survival challenge. Cancer is a usually temporary organ in the body, triggered by the environment such as the following:


  • Toxicity
  • Deficiency
  • Lack of oxygen, hypoxia
  • Increased acidity, Lowered pH, thereby lowered voltage
  • Bioelectrical blockage or interference
  • Stress
  • Injury
  • Surgery
  • Medications
  • Cancer cells are +30 millivolts (electron stealer) and normal cells are -20 millivolts (electron donor)


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Vegan Budwig Recipe – Blend and eat once daily

  • 6 ounces organic vegan cultured item – vegan kefir, vegan yoghurt
  • 4 tablespoons sprouted and fresh ground chia or flax
  • 1 tablespoon organic flaxseed oil
  • 1 teaspoon organic whole turmeric powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon organic black pepper
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Understand the truth about cancer! Cancer is not a lack of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Full blown cancer is not caused by a pathogen, cancer is a natural response to a healing crisis and internal toxicities and deficiencies which can be caused by bioelectrical blockages, toxicity in the environment, poor diet, prolonged stress, and systemic inflammation to name the primary causes.

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Here are the recommendations and Instructions For Organ and Tumor Cancers


  • Anti-cancer oxygen flooding and colon cleansing process – Colon Cleanse with Aloe Vera
  • Thyroid tuneup
  • Liver Gallbladder cleanse
  • Laurose/Hylandia herbs


  • Lemon water upon getting up for alkalizing, then rinse mouth with water afterward
  • Budwig Diet – improved cellular respiration
  • Breuss Juice
  • Fat soluble glutathione
  • Megahydrate – improved cellular respiration
  • Vitamin D3 if the sun is not available
  • Daily Gut Shot or sauerkraut
  • Flax – anti-inflammatory, unlike other fats, does not make cancer tumors grow (Gerson technique and research confirmed)
  • 2-5 prunes a day – nutrient dense, constipation preventative, especially helpful if on chemo
  • Fermented foods – sauerkraut, natto, fermented cabbage – 70% of our immune system is in our gut, sauerkraut rebuilds the gut probiotics
  • Sea vegetables – most alkalizing food in the world – dulse, wakame, nori, kelp
  • Cleansing greens – Parsley or cilantro – to start, 1/4 cup cilantro 10 days
  • Flax – anti-inflammatory, unlike other fats, does not make cancer tumors grow
  • Sprouts and microgreens – nutrient dense
  • Water – 6 to 8 glasses water a day, alkaline water machines helpful
  • Sea vegetables – fucoidan, most alkalizing food on the planet, loaded with electrolytes
  • Celery Juice – Electrolytes, sodium cluster salts, alkalizing
  • Detox Smoothies
  • Oxypowder maintenance dose
  • Hydrogen Water
  • Boku green powder original, or Green Vibrance Green Powder by Vibrant Health – comprehensive coverage:
    • Probiotics (25 billion)
    • Prebiotics
    • healing mushrooms (boku)
    • Chlorella – detoxing and helps remove metals and poisons
    • Spirulina – healthy fats
    • Sprouted Micro-greens – alfalfa, sunflower, broccoli sprouts especially for breast cancer, lentils
    • Anti-inflammatory ingredients
    • Oxygenation
    • Digestive enzymes
    • Systemic enzymes
    • Nutrient dense greens


  • Ginger – anti-inflammatory and rebuildingTurmeric – anti-inflammatory and rebuilding
  • Essiac Tea (mesynchymal tissue – sarcoma) – bones, muscle, connective tissue
  • Hoxsey Tincture (including chapparel complete formula ( epithelial tissue – carcinoma) – organ cancers
  • Ginger – anti-cancer, anti-inflammation
  • Dandelion root extract – Leukemia and Prostate cancers
  • Aloe Vera – Raw Organic Aloe Vera with Essiac Herbs
  • Turmeric and 1% black pepper freshly ground – anti-inflammation and strong antiangiogenesis especially for breast cancer
  • Nascent Iodine
  • PH adjust – Advanced baking soda with magnesium and potassium bicarbonate – balancing/increasing oxygen and CO2 – Improving pH
  • Lysine/Vitamin C – anti-metastasis – focus on collagen and collagen digesting enzymes
  • Proteolytic enzymes (protease) – anti-inflammatory, garbage collection, between meals


  • Anusara Bodywork – Bioelectricity Target – Tam Healing System bodywork and/or acupuncture with infrared light therapy mat
  • Hyperthermia – Heat dome
  • Frolov Device – Systemic oxygen enhancement – to take home


  • Green Salad – Once daily
    • Greens – Spinach, romaine, dandelion greens, bak choi, Kale – massaged
    • Cleansing greens – Parsley or cilantro – to start, 1/4 cup cilantro 10 days
    • Root vegetables – carrots, daikon, beets, dandelion
    • Sprouts – sunflower, alfalfa, adjuki, lentil, broccoli sprouts especially for breast cancer, lentils
    • Sea Vegetables – most alkalizing food in the world – dulse, wakame, nori, kelp
    • Avocado
    • cabbage
  • Green Smoothies – Once Daily
    • Greens
    • Fruit
    • Avocado
    • Sprouts
    • Sea vegetables
    • Cilantro
    • Parsley


  • Exercise – rebounder, walking, yoga, Taiji Quan, sports
  • Socialization – avoid isolation
  • Toilet Platform for Squatting during defecation, for better elimination, relieving pressure from the colon and prostate areas
  • Infrared sauna
  • Bloodwork and urinalysis – B12, D3, MMA, SED rate, t3, t4, tsh, Calcium, Potassium, magnesium, triglycerides, cholesterol, CRP, Homocysteine, cancer markers, Epstein Barr, Lyme


  • Anti-cancer oxygen flooding and colon cleansing process – Colon Cleanse with Aloe Vera
  • Thyroid tuneup
  • Liver Gallbladder cleanse
  • Nascent Iodine
  • Laurose/Hylandia herbs


  • Tam Healing – bioelectricity target
  • Anusara Wellness – Infrared therapy 
  • Kroeger – CSF target – Tailbone Adjustment
  • Kroeger – Spleen Flush


  • Plant Based nutrition
  • Budwig Diet
  • Nascent Iodine
  • Wheatgrass – nutrient dense, nerve regenerative, cytochrome c oxidase
  • Taheebo
  • Raw Organic Aloe Vera with Essiac Herbs
  • Sea vegetables – fucoidan
  • Megahydrate – Improved cellular respiration
  • Hydrogen Water