Free Webinar: Getting Clean: Ways To Avoid Food Toxins, Treat Long-Term Covid, and Improve Gut Health

September 26 at 7:30pm Eastern Time
Imagine waking up each day with a renewed sense of energy and vitality. 🌞 What if you could make choices that not only improve your health but also transform your overall well-being? Reserve your spot in this webinar to help you turn that vision into reality.


During this session, we’ll tackle the issue of food toxins head-on. We’ll guide you through three vital steps: transitioning to organic foods to eliminate harmful substances like pesticides and herbicides, identifying and eradicating cancer-causing and inflammatory chemicals often found in junk foods, and ensuring your water is as health-conscious as your diet by addressing concerns like fluoride.


In this session, you’ll:
  • Discover how cleansing and detoxing can rejuvenate your health
  • Receive practical tips for healthier living
  • Learn how you can eat organic affordably
  • Uncover the hidden dangers in common foods.
  • Plus, explore ways to ensure your water is as healthy as your food.


Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your well-being! Sign up today.


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Interested in Joining our Monthly Community Cleanse?

Immune Boosting and Colon Cleanse

Our 7 day program starts on a Saturday or a Sunday of you like

From Saturday to Friday, you can do the cleanse and even work during it. It is effective and easy but you can begin when you like!

Monthly Anusara Community Cleanse Program

Anusara Convenient At-Home & On-line Monthly Community Cleanse Program Immune Boost Colon Cleansing Spring Program September 3rd

Immune System and Colon Cleanse Details

  • Personally Supported and Guided Throughout
  • On Line Course for Educational Empowerment
  • Oxygen-flooding, alkalizing, anti-viral, safe and effective
  • 70% of our Immune System is in the Gut
  • Conveniently done at home
  • Cleanses upper and lower digestive tract and Colon
  • Boosts and rebuilds the gut & Immune System
  • Free eBook included
  • Eliminates constipation
  • Email Feedback and Consults Included
  • Live Webinars included

Register By September 29, 2023

Our next group cleanse starts October 7-13,2023. We need at least 10 days to send your supplies so we recommend you register by September 29th.