Interview: Meet Dr Group and Learn The Role Of Colon Cleansing In Your Overall Health Journey

March 23, 2023 at 7:00pm Eastern Time
Join us for a 60-minute free interview with the world-renowned master herbalist, doctor of holistic medicine, health advocate, and Urotherapy proponent Dr. Group.

We will provide you with the tools for promoting a healthy lifestyle. You will learn about cleansing for preventing disease first and foremost and special topics like cancer, COVID, and Urotherapy.

Lastly, we will learn to reduce pain, increase energy, and prevent disease through regular cleansing like the immune-boosting colon cleanses used by Anusara Wellness.

These are the points we will cover.

    • Why is the advanced oxygenated Colon Cleanse unique and better than other cleanses
    • How Dr. Group developed his oxygen medicine colon cleanse and why we adopted this approach
    • Learn the truth about long-term COVID and get recommendations managing it
    • How to build your immune system
    • How the Anusara 7-day cleanse program can help you achieve your health goals
    • Learn how to heal thyself with urotherapy

Dr. Group, DC is a world-renowned wellness advisor for the world’s top billionaires, influencers, celebrities and Hollywood stars. He’s a best-selling author, and frequent guest on radio and television. Dr. Group, DC has dedicated his life to helping others by helping to identify and eliminate the root cause of disease. He is the founder and chairman of Global Healing, an industry leader and innovator in the field of natural health. Through his company and his media appearances, Dr. Group, DC is spreading his message of positivity, hope, and wellness throughout the world.


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Interested in Joining our Monthly Community Cleanse?

Immune Boosting and Colon Cleanse

Our 7 day program starts on a Saturday or a Sunday of you like

From Saturday to Friday, you can do the cleanse and even work during it. It is effective and easy but you can begin when you like!

Monthly Anusara Community Cleanse Program

Anusara Convenient At-Home & On-line Monthly Community Cleanse Program Immune Boost Colon Cleansing Spring Program September 3rd

Immune System and Colon Cleanse Details

  • Personally Supported and Guided Throughout
  • On Line Course for Educational Empowerment
  • Oxygen-flooding, alkalizing, anti-viral, safe and effective
  • 70% of our Immune System is in the Gut
  • Conveniently done at home
  • Cleanses upper and lower digestive tract and Colon
  • Boosts and rebuilds the gut & Immune System
  • Free eBook included
  • Eliminates constipation
  • Email Feedback and Consults Included
  • Live Webinars included

Register By March 23, 2023

Our next group colon cleanse starts April 8-14,2023. We need at least 10 days to send your supplies, so we recommend registering by March 23rd.