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Just Breathe – Oxygen Workshop

December 3, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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Just Breathe – Oxygen Cellular Medicine
Being Happier and Improving Health One Breath at a Time

Based on our natural physiology, we are oxygen machines. The key is to optimize the uptake of this vital resource. This is what we cover in this workshop.

  1. Improve our physical oxygen management and uptake through the breath
  2. Improve the quality of cellular hydration and oxygenation through our water and diet
  3. Improve the circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body
  4. Be empowered with the knowledge of how proper oxygenation prevents disease


What you will experience

  • Breath Retraining Device Training
  • Advanced Hydration Sources
  • Advanced Hydration Healing Foods


Workshop Outline


  • About Joe Lucier
  • Great Oxygen Event

Problem – What is Disease?

  • Immune System Conditions – Inflammation
  • Oxygen Deficiency Conditions like cancer


  • Oxygenation through Increasing Oxygen into the tissues
  • increasing alkalinity
  • reducing Inflammation
  • improved hydration techniques
  • infrared light techniques for the 4th phase of water and improved microcirculation


Questions Answered by this Workshop:

  • Are we breathing properly for optimal health and oxygenation?
  • How do we improve oxygen uptake?
  • How do we get more oxygen from water, food and light
  • What is the true cause of cancer?
  • Why does acidity negatively impact our health?
  • Can we easily take charge of our breath and oxygen management?


How It Works:

  • People join online – They make one of the 4 Choices
  • We use zoom and will send you all the information and the link for signing up
  • We see each other on the computer – if desired, or you just listen in and watch


Why take this workshop?

  • Understand how to maximize oxygen into the body
  • Learn techniques to improve oxygen health
  • Understand disease – Do Not Fear Disease!
  • Take Charge of your Life with the Truth
  • Take Action – Learn steps you can take today to fight the major conditions of our lives


Who should view this workshop?

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Practitioners and medical professionals of all kinds
  • Nurses and doctors
  • People with asthma and breathing issues


Training Presenter: Joseph Lucier AOBTA

  • 8-Time Author – Tam Healing System Illustrated Anatomy and Healing Strategies, The Nature of Cancer, The Truth about Depression, Bioelectricity the Forgotten Paradigm, Disease Prevention; 101 Scientific Facts and the Dairy Contrarian
  • Director and International Education Officer
  • In charge of the Anusara Path to Wellness Cleansing and Detox Programs and
  • In charge of the Anusara Path to Wellness Training Academy as well as Healing and Educational Skills Workshops
  • Tui Na Licensed Chinese Medicine Bodywork Therapist 25 years  (AOBTA) (AnusaraWellness.com)
  • Tong Ren: Distance healing practitioner with worldwide clients – Healing Without Borders
  • Plant Based Nutrition Coach
  • Yoga Instructor


Four Workshop Options:

  • Workshop Only [$95]: Live 4 Hour Zoom Live Workshop
  • Workshop + Books [$125]: Zoom Live Workshop + 3 Supplies Kit
  • Workshop + Course [$275]: Zoom Live Workshop + Online Cancer Course
  • Workshop + Books + Course [$300]: Zoom Live Workshop + 3 Supplies Kit + Online Cancer Course


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December 3, 2022
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm