Free Webinar: Immune Boosting and Colon Cleanse

July 29, 2020 at 7:30pm Eastern Time

This free webinar is to introduce people to the benefits of our home-based, convenient and effective cleanse and answer all questions you may have. I will start with an overview and then take any questions you may have.


As a holistic practitioner for over 20 years, I want to share this knowledge to help people improve their health and have the opportunity for optimum health by eliminating the main resistance to health; inflammation, improper digestion and poor immunity. These are the points we will cover. 


  • What is a colon cleanse
  • Why cleanse the colon
  • How does our process work
  • What is the on-line academy course you get access to
  • Why we chose this advanced set of healing products
  • What support you will get




Have a question about the webinar?

You can post your questions here in advance.


Interested in Joining our Monthly Community Cleanse?

Immune Boosting and Colon Cleanse

Our 6 day program starts on a Friday Evening

From Friday to Wednesday, you can do the cleanse and even work during it. It is effective and easy. 

Monthly Anusara Community Cleanse Program

Anusara Convenient At-Home & On-line Monthly Community Cleanse Program Immune Boost Colon Cleansing Spring Program June 19-24

Immune System and Colon Cleanse Details

  • Personally Supported and Guided Throughout
  • On Line Course for Educational Empowerment
  • Oxygen-flooding, alkalizing, anti-viral, safe and effective
  • 70% of our Immune System is in the Gut
  • Conveniently done at home
  • Cleanses upper and lower digestive tract and Colon
  • Boosts and rebuilds the gut & Immune System
  • Free eBook included
  • Eliminates constipation
  • Email Feedback and Consults Included
  • Live Webinars included

Register By June 3, 2020

Our next group cleanse starts June 19-24, 2020. We need at least 10 days to send your supplies so we recommend you register by June 3rd.