Chi and Libido – Tom Tam Lic. Ac


An exploration of the human mind, psyche and life force with particular emphasis on the Chinese Medicine concepts of development and human sexuality and their relationship with health and spiritual growth. Discusses the role of developing and strengthening the Qi of the body to improve ones overall health. The text concludes with a brief explanation of the Da Peng Gong Qi Gong routine which is useful for building the energy of the body.

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  • It Is Not a Joke
  • Six Months is Half A Year
  • Healing from Jesus
  • Spring Coming
  • Happy Birthday
  • Good Friday
  • It Is Not Doomsday
  • The Visions
  • Psychological Effect
  • They Are Like Boats
  • Say NO from Experience
  • I Don’t Want to Be Famous
  • Healing Yourself
  • Never Give Up
  • The Healing Way
  • Back to China
  • Helping the Children
  • Updating the New Method
  • Never Miss
  • To The Whole World
  • Afterword

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